Susa VN2 Adult Lamb&Rice

Croquette with lamb-and-rice for adult dogs. For dogs of all breed and size with normal demand.

Ingredients: lamb meat rice (min. 14%), poultry meat rice (14 %), maize, wheat, poultry fat, wheat germ, dried carrot slice, protein hydrolizate, barm, cellulose, potassium chloride, chickory powder, mannaoligosacharide, glucosamine, chondroitine

Packaging: 20 kg

Analitical ingredients

Raw protein 24%
Raw fat 13%
Raw fibre 3%
Raw ash 7,6%

Supplements / kg / Supplements with nutritionak value

A-vitamin 15000 IE
D3-vitamin 1200 IE
E-vitamin 150mg
Selenium (sodium selenite) 0,2mg
Zinc (zinc-chelate, hydrate of amino acids) 45mg
Iodine (as calcium-iodine) 2mg
Zinc (as zinc sulphate) 90mg
Copper (as copper-sulphate) 10mg

Daily feeding suggestion

Weight/kg Daily portion/g
2,5-5 kg 55-90g
7,5-10 kg 120-150g
12,5-15kg 180-205g
17,5-20kg 230-255g
22,5-25kg 280-300g
30-35kg 345-390g
40-45kg 430-470g
50-60kg 505-580g
70-80kg 650-720g
90-100kg 790-850g