Susa Dog-Lac

Milk supplement food assures continuous and healthy growing for the puppies in case of bigger families or without a mother. It can be prepared easily, total value food. It can be used from birth until changing to the solid food.

Ingredients: skimmed milk powder, whey powder, vegetable/animal fat, wheat germ starch, minerals/vitamin mix.
Dosage: 0,5 kg, 2,5 kg

Analitical ingredients

Raw protein 22,5%
Raw fat 18%
Raw fibre 0,1%
Raw ash 7,5%
Ca 0,9%
P 0,8%
Moisture 10%

Supplements / kg / Supplements with nutritionak value:

A-vitamin 50000 IE
D3-vitamin 5000 IE
E-vitamin 100 mg
B1-vitamin 14 mg
B2-vitamin 11,6 mg
B6-vitamin 3,3 mg
B12-vitamin 33 mcg

Daily feeding suggestion

In case of puppies grown without a mother in week 1st, 10 feeding periods. We should give 20 ml/100 g body weight by the age 12 weeks, decreasing the dosage to 3 times per day.