Adult Maxi

With its large particle size and its nutrients adjusted to the demand of large- and giant-sized dogs, it is perfectly suitable to feed large-sized dogs with normal demand above 12 months. The food contains green-shell extract that serves for the protection of joints.

Ingredients: poultry meat flour, maize, barley, wheat-flour, wheat, animal fat, meat flour, wheat semolina bran, meat hydrolizate, meat flour, carrot groats, pea, yeast, sodium chloride, green-shell flour, potassium chloride, chickory powder.

Packaging: 20kg

Analitical ingredients

Raw protein 24%
Raw fat 13%
Raw fibre 2,5%
Raw ash 6,5%

Supplements / kg / Supplements with nutritionak value:

A-vitamin 11750 IE
D3-vitamin 1175 IE
E-vitamin 70 mg
Zinc (zinc-oxide) 65 mg
Zinc (zinc-chelate, hydrate of amino acids) 40 mg
Copper (as copper-sulphate) 10 mg
Iodine (as calcium-iodine) 2 mg
Selenium (sodium selenite) 0,2 mg

Technological additives: anti-oxidants

Daily feeding suggestion

Weight/kg Daily portion/g
30-35 375-422
40-50 460-553
60-70 640-695
80-90 773-820