As the demand of the dog breeds are different, their food is also different. Being active-, working dogs, show dogs or pets sitting at home, here everybody finds the most suitable food.

Maintaining food

We recommend it to adult dogs that are not exposed to extra maintainance and are not sport dogs either. They are not working dogs and not breeding,

Medium demand

I would recommend it to all average adult dog. They have good portion of vitamins, we can reach show-dog condition with them. They contain 24-28 % protein, have different flavour (chicken, lamb, beef, salmon)

Energy food

It is recommended to intensive working- and sport dogs. 30-31% protein and 20% fat content covers the increased energy demand.


These products are grain- and poultry- free that means hypo-allergen! Instead of grain they contain sweet potato, instead of chichen they contain trout, salmon or wild duck.